As an ESL teacher you have to be deliberate about being creative to get your students interested in the language

To be a creative teacher you have to:

📍Be knowledgeable – learn, attend courses, check out materials and how to teach the subject matter. Much like your muscles, your brain can get weak if you’re not pushing it. Learn from others, learn from the web,
join courses, follow people who can inspire you

📍Leverage on your strength in the classroom– While challenging yourself is great, it can be tiring to want to do what you’re not really good at. Work with your strengths in your creative journey. If you love arts, use it. If your area is technology leverage on it. I love music and I sing, so it is my greatest strength in the classroom

📍Set aside time for creative thinking – It’s not enough to just come up with a creative idea; you have to follow through. Be willing  to spend the time to develop your ideas into something worthwhile and useful by Creating time daily or weekly to develop and work on your ideas.  We’re mostly busy but make it a priority to set aside a few minutes of your day for creative

📍Be spontaneous and make things fun –  A little change of voice, a new game, making up sings abd rhymes/rap(yeah! my teenagers love that) Break out of the teaching rut and be spontaneous. Children will be forced to think and respond in new and positive ways too.

–Tolutola Omotosho

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