One of the strongest ways to motivate your students is to be genuinely interested in them and their success

I remembered a story this morning.
I had a child in my class who was obviously not interested in me(ouch! Most of the kids love me, why don’t you😭) or the class. She simply didn’t like to do anything at lessons. It was as though her parents forced her to come every time.

Even when everyone would be actively involved in something she showed no interest at all.

After the lesson one day I asked how her dance classes were going because I knew she loved dancing. Her eyes lit up immediately and she spoke non-stop for over 2 mins. She said it all in English( although with a few mistakes since English was a second language for her). That was the longest she had ever said anything in English and it was fascinating to watch her go on and on. She ended by saying “thank you Mrs Tola” her mom said that the first thing she said when she got into the car was “mummy Mrs Tola already knows I dance. I like her classes😄

Needless to say her attitude in class changed and she would show me the English songs she’s learning and how she thinks English songs are way cooler.

I don’t think that would have happened if I simply taught and received my payment at the end of the month.

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