“The job of an educator is to teach students to see vitality in themselves” 

Joseph Campbell


TTT Academy is dedicated to working with teachers or aspiring teachers, including ESL teachers in Europe to get the teaching job of their dream, work effectively in the classroom, develop their skill and brand them selves as a professional anywhere in the world.

Teaching is an exciting, rewarding and fulfilling job, but it is also challenging.  The changes, growth and opportunities have also changed within the last decade especially with digitization. To stand out in the 21st century , be able to teach and influence student and enjoy your work experience, proper and practical training and inspiration is of great importance.  

we at TTT Academy believe that teachers are the real ‘influencers’ and should be given all the support needed.


We are all about offering not just courses or training but practical guides and resource you will need in the classroom and for career development.

TTT Academy will provide affordable trainings, mentoring,courses, information, knowledge, a support system, inspiration and motivation for you as a teacher or as a parent who would like to help your child in their education.

At TTT Academy We have  great of experienced and passionate trainers who are highly resourceful and ready to guide you

Apart from our physical and online courses, our teachers enjoy constant support in form of videos, tips and resources here, on our mailing list and on our social media platforms
Thank you for showing me exactly how to take charge of my classroom, stand out in a positive way and help my students engage and learn more effectively
Early years teacher