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The TEFL certification course by Train the teachers academy is an essential course that covers all you have to know to become an ESL teacher(Teacher of English as a second language) or teach overseas.

Prepared by Trainers with several years of experience in teaching, training, and delivering courses. Through this course, you will learn practical teaching methods as well as how to deliver effectively in the classroom.

At the end of this course, you will be awarded a certificate that will boost your career, give your job applications more credibility and facilitate getting a teaching job globally.

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How it works:

The course can be completed online at your own pace. For most students, it will take around 2-3 weeks to complete all of the lessons and earn your certificate.

Enroll in the course

Start by completing the course enrollment and get instant access to your TEFL Certification course. It takes just a few clicks to begin

Study online

Study through the course materials all online at your own pace. You can use a computer or mobile device, and study whenever you have time available. You don’t need any specialist equipment, just a computer/mobile device with an internet connection.

Pass the course assessments

To make sure that you truly understand the principles and techniques in the course, you’ll complete a short assessment at the end of each module, and a full assessment at the end of the course.

Get your certificate

You’ll receive your certificate as soon as you complete the course assessments. The certificate displays your name, date of completion, and the details of the course modules completed.

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Get a free e-copy of our TEFL game resource for every age!

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Join the academy’s support groups on Telegram and Facebook. Here you can chat with your trainers, ask question and get support in forms of live sessions & useful resources


Why learn with TTT Academy

At Train The Teachers Academy our courses are designed by TEFL/ TESOL certified trainers with years of experience in teaching ESL. You will have a chance to interact with them on our dedicated support groups.

Learn Anywhere

We have a central learning space and resources that allow you to learn conveniently anywhere and anytime

Get Certified

Get the online course at the TTT Academy's learning portal, complete the assessments, and get certified

Learning Paths

Our curated learning paths provides you with a customized set of training modules and learning activities

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Purchase your TEFL certification course and get instant access

TEFL Certification Course

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This course is for aspiring teachers, beginners and experienced teachers.
In fact anyone seeking to teach TEFL abroad and anywhere in the world should take this certification course

If you have purchased this course with the 4 months access you will have to complete it within that time.
If you purchase the course for a lifetime then there is no time limit.

Apart from being certified, the practical knowledge our students get from this course opens up a world of possibilities and equips them with the skills and techniques they need to teach English as a foreign language globally. You also get our free activity resource for ESL teachers

Upon completion of the course you’ll be awarded your digital PDF certificate.

Physical copies of your certificate can be requested and shipped if you later wish. Shipping fees depend on the destination, for more details please contact us

Our trainers are available to chat with you if you need any help. You can also contact us via email

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